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Interview with Lizzie on intellectual property rights and her upcoming book, supposedly being published this year,¬†Creatocracy. Pretentious name? Why yes, yes it is. It’s gonna be cited to hell and back. An academic book from Lizzie!!! On creativity!!! (From a person who has TWO memoirs about herself lol)

Her basic premise is that if you work hard at something, you shouldn’t give it away for free. Also, we have intellectual property rights and we also get a lot of money from intellectual property rights (47% of our GDP) and therefore they are good. And whatever sells must not suck, so it also has critical value, like, by default.

Okay, Lizzie, sounding a little Ayn Rand right now……………………………….

Still, a new book!!!!!

PS) http://www.salon.com/2000/06/14/love_7/

Very tl;dr buy very well-argued and well-worded essay on intellectual property rights from———Courtney Love, lol, other random 90s dirty blonde who still looks good in a sundress.

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